Zambookah Hookah Charcoals (1 Roll/10 Pieces) - Bamboo

Zambookah Hookah Charcoals (1 Roll/10 Pieces) - Bamboo
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Zambookah Natural Hookah Charcoals are a new hookah charcoal with a hole in the center, making it ideal for hookah bowls that have a center opening.
Made of bamboo instead of coconut or compressed coal dust, these innovative charcoals are larger and last longer than other disc-shaped coals.
Measuring 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter, 15 mm (.5 inches) in height, and with an inner hole that measures ~20 mm (.75 inches), these smooth-burning hookah charcoals produce no unpleasant taste or odor and leaves very little ash. And, because of its "ring" shape, it does not need to be rotated or adjusted as much as coconut coals during your smoking session.

Zambookah Coals are easily lit in minutes on a stove top or charcoal heater and can last up to an hour per coal. This roll contains 10 individual pieces of coal. It is recommended to light only 3/4 of the coal; do not light the coal fully. This will keep the coal lasting longer during your hookah session.