Hookah Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl - Gold

Hookah Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl - Gold
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The Hookah Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl is an innovative hookah accessory that provides an alternative way to smoke shisha. Instead of the hookah charcoals resting on the hookah bowl, with the Hookah Flip your shisha tobacco (or herbal molasses) is suspended above the coals, which rest on an adjustable tray! This system provides a number of advantages:

1. The reduction of unpleasant charcoal taste: Since the hookah coals have no direct contact with the bowl screen or hookah foil, this eliminates the “charring” of the hookah tobacco.

2. Shisha tobacco will last longer: The height of the tray that the hookah charcoal sits on is adjustable, so you can control the amount of heat applied to your hookah tobacco. No more squandered shisha because of mismanaged hookah charcoal heat!

3. Hookah charcoal is used more efficiently and will last longer: Because hot air rises, the heat provided by the charcoals is “captured” and used to heat the tobacco, instead of the heat emanating in all directions with traditional hookah smoking.

The Hookah Flip weighs approximately 1 pound (.45 kg) and is designed with a center of gravity that will not make your hookah lopsided or prone to tip over. It will work on virtually any hookah (with the exception of very small hookahs like the Pumpkin Hookah). A thick rubber bowl grommet is included ensuring a tight fit on any hookah bowl stem, as well as a metal bowl screen with tabs that fold over to secure your shisha inside the upside-down bowl (however for really wet shisha tobacco you'll want to use hookah foil with pin-sized holes poked in it to prevent the juice from dripping onto the coals)