Fantasia E-Liquid Bottle - 10ml - Adios M@#$+&! (Infamous Cocktail)

Fantasia E-Liquid Bottle - 10ml - Adios M@#$+&! (Infamous Cocktail)
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This is a 10 ml bottle of E-Liquid from the producers of Fantasia Hookah Tobacco that's made for use with the Fantasia electronic hookah, sold here as a Fantasia Starter Kit. Pour this liquid into the E-Cig and enjoy the taste of tobacco-free, nicotine-free vapor with all the taste you've come to expect from Fantasia. displaythis

Fantasia E-Liquid is made from a base of 50% PG (propylene glycol) and 50% VG (vegetable glycerin) and should work with clearomizers with wicks, or without.

The world-famous college black-out….don’t remember anything…no idea what happened – but had the time of our life drink. AMFs hold their reputation for being one of the most potent bar drinks around. It goes down smoothly, but prepare for the morning after