Dip-Clip - Holder for Smokeless Tobacco Tin

Dip-Clip - Holder for Smokeless Tobacco Tin
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"When you need a dip, it's in your clip!"
Helps prevent lost or misplaced tins
Discreet, Convenient and comfortable to wear!

The Dip-Clip was designed with the comfort of smokeless tobacco used in mind. The Dip-Clip is a personal Tobacco Tin holder that can clip to your belt, pants, automobile visor or many other convenient locations. The Dip-Clip stores your tobacco so you don't have to keep it in your back pocket (discomfort when sitting down), coat pocket (hard to locate), or the floor of your car (difficult to reach). So when you're ready to enjoy your tobacco, you'll always know exactly where it is - In your Dip-Clip!