Denicotea Filters 9mm Filter - Sleeve of 10

Denicotea Filters 9mm Filter - Sleeve of 10
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Regular price: $4.00
Our price: $3.50, 5/$15.50


Why you should use exclusively Denicotea silica gel filters in your cigarette holders?
Silica gel has a highly porous structure that can reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke to a high extent, when used during smoking. By changing color from clear white to dark brown the effect is clearly shown, as well as indicating when the filter needs to be changed.

Only the original Denicotea filter has the red cap!

Regarding the pricing below: $2.85 reflects the cost for a single sleeve of 10 filters. The next price, 5/$13.49, is for 5 sleeves of ten filters or a box of 5 sleeves. Ordering a quantity of 1 will receive a single sleeve. To receive a box or boxes of filters be sure to order in multiples of 5 (5 = 1 box, 10 = 2 boxes, 15 = 3 boxes etc...)