(3 Pack) Spitoons Cuspidor Chewing Tobacco -The Spittoon, DipSpit & Porta-toon

(3 Pack) Spitoons Cuspidor Chewing Tobacco -The Spittoon, DipSpit & Porta-toon
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Whether you chew Copenhagen, Skoal, Longhorn, or other brands of dip of chew - any other these personal spittoons would be a perfect accessory - purchase this set and you'll receive one of each of the following!

Aluminum with plastic flip top lid
Lid closes securely, avoiding spillage
Bold DIP SPIT logo means - no more accidental drinking!!
Approx 9" tall & 3" diameter
Washable and reusable

6" tall x 3.1/4" largest diameter
Designed to go anywhere and provides a discrete way to enjoy your smokeless tobacco, home, office or on the road.
The Spittoon offers a responsible and respectful way to dispose of tobacco refuse. No more uncovered cups or empty soda cans! The Spittoon features a moist tobacco tin holder - sized for normal tins. Also a twist off lid and a rubber mouthpiece closure.


The Porta-toon® is the small, perfect pocket sized spittoon you've been searching for. It opens with a single flick of the thumb, ready to use. Leakproof and made of food grade, dishwasher-safe plastic, it has no smell with just a daily rinse.
It is black, small (3" x 3") and flask-shaped. This allows the tobacco user to be discreet and not offend others. The Porta-toon removes the 'yuk' factor from using smokeless tobacco around other people!